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Grant Tilly

Grant Tilly is a musical theatre writer (composer, lyricist, librettist), actor, and singer. Shows he’s written range in style from quirky small cast musicals, to country/rock concert-style shows, to large scale family musical comedies. His works have been performed across the country, and his acting career has taken him across the continent. Click here for Grant’s Bio, and explore various projects below.



Neptune Theatre YOCo and Gander Musical Theatre Symposium

Instead of a direct flight back to Toronto from Newfoundland there were a few stops in between. First, to Halifax (where I weather Hurricane Dorian) to work with the Neptune Youth Performance Company. In 2017 they premiered my musical “My Side of the Country” and it was great to see them all two years later continuing in their learning. We wrote a song together, “You’ve only got your Future to Lose” inspired by the Climate Change protest happening the following week.

Then it was a quick stop in Charlottetown to see the hilarious […]

The Naming of Port Rexton at Rising Tide

In 2015 Rising Tide premiered my full length musical “The Naming of Port Rexton”, this past fall the Artistic Director called and asked if I’d be able to reduce the size of the cast.

It was an interesting challenge, finding a way to maintain a story while cutting the cast size from 17 to 10, while also cutting about 45 minutes from the show.

I was so pleased with the results– a group of ten actors ( I mean, look at those beautiful people!) gave a performance that had laughs and tears and engaged […]

Just Your Average Canadian Musical Theatre Writer- a Cabaret!

I’ve watched as some friends have done Cabarets and always admired them and what they do, but I could never think of doing one of my own. I’ve never really felt that into the re-interpretation of songs to fit my life, or something I want to say. But… Using my own songs to tell my story? Sign me up! It’s so much fun to pinpoint the moment when you left home, made a decision, or had inspiration with the song that you associate (or was even conceived) in that moment.

Using my musical […]


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