Grant Tilly

Grant Tilly is a musical theatre writer (composer, lyricist, librettist), actor, and singer. Shows he’s written range in style from quirky small cast musicals, to country/rock concert-style shows, to large scale family musical comedies. His works have been performed across the country, and his acting career has taken him across the continent. Click here for Grant’s Bio, and explore various projects below.



Back for a time in the Bight!

Yet again, I feel so lucky to be working at a time like this. I’m back for the summer in Trinity Newfoundland with Rising Tide Theatre, surrounded by a community and natural beauty that I love. I’ll be performing in four shows in rep this summer, including the beautiful “West Moon” by Al Pittman, which does a lovely job of addressing issues around resettlement. Are you around Newfoundland for the summer? It’d be great to see you. Visit Rising Tide for more info!

Lunchbox Theatre workshop: Calling Out Christmas!

Calling Out Christmas Workshop Clockwise from top right: Patti Neice (Lunchbox GM), Lenette Randall (actor), Bronwyn Steinberg (Lunchbox AD/Director), Kennedy Greene (SM), Grant Tilly (playwright), Jeselle Lauren (actor), David Sklar (actor).

Christmas in April, what could be better?

Like a lot of my artist friends, I’ve been muddling my way through this pandemic. I’ve found work online as a simulator (role play, but for business… not that kind of role play people), but I’ve also been keeping myself busy with my own writing of plays, screenplays, and musicals. It’s been a lot of self motivated […]

A Summer in Newfoundland– Covid Edition

It was sometime in May and I had been in isolation with my Father in Calgary for about two months when I got the call from Donna Butt, the AD at Rising Tide Theatre in Trinity Newfoundland. Though there would be no public performances for the summer, she was bringing together a small core company that would work at the theatre; going through and organizing archives, writing, workshopping shows, and filming segments of productions from past years. As I’d been a member of the company for seven years, with works in development […]


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