Project Description


Synopsis: The town of Gammond New Mexico is in trouble. After the recent fire (and flood), the local economy has dried up and tourism has tanked. The solution? Attempt to set the World Record for the most Enchiladas consumed by a town of over five hundred people in less than an hour! But when the representative from Finnigan’s Book of Records (a lesser known but no less astiduous version of Guiness) arrives, he puts their record setting attempt, their patience, and their town to the test.

Small cast musical comedy Cast size (3M, 2F)

– Currently in development through a Playwright’s Residency with Theatre Orangeville, supported by the Ontario Arts Council.


I was grateful to receive an OAC Grant to write this new musical, and I’m having a blast with the characters and music so far. In September 2016 I also took a two week trip to New Mexico and met some wonderful people while I did my research. I’m hoping to post some demos of the songs I’m working on soon, but for now, feel free to check out some of the pictures from the trip, there are, of course, pictures of some of the many Enchiladas I had.

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Developed through a Playwrights Residency Grant with the Ontario Arts Council through the OAC.