Project Description


11 young Canadians from across the country are in PEI to take part in a youth conference and discuss the future of the country. As they get to know each other, rivalries and crushes emerge as they explore important issues facing Canada today—from Quebec history and western alienation to First Nations’ rights and the difficulties facing immigrants. Finally, the group decides to face the challenges that make this country so unique, as each person commits to ensuring Canada is a country everyone can call homeA new one-act family musical that brings to life Canadian history as it celebrates our diverse cultures and looks to our future.

One act musical for youth (6F, 5M) in development.

2017 – Neptune Theatre Youth Performance Company, Halifax N.S. ~ Nov 16 – Nov 19.
2010 – Workshopped through Scriptlab in Toronto, an organization to develop new Canadian Musicals.


DEMO RECORDING CREDITS: Kimmy Choi (1, 3, 4), Cody Lancaster (1, 4), Sarah Slywchuk (1,4), Jen Shaw (1,4), Paige Robson-Cramer (1,4), Eric Coles (1,4), Michele Tredger (1,4), Cara Pantalone (1, 2, 4), Grant Tilly (1, 2,4), Matthew Brown (1,2,4), Daniel Greenberg (1,3,4), Music director Adam White, from the ScriptLab workshop directed by Tricia Lackey, demo produced by Levon Ichkhanian, recorded by Greg Kolchinsky. Image courtesy of Andrew Shay Hahn,


In 1999, I had the pleasure of spending the summer away from University in the Charlottetown Festival Young Company production of “Somewhere in the World…” The mandate of the Young Company was not only to produce a wonderful outdoor show for children but to gather as many young people from across the country so that a discussion could be had about the country’s future. The interactions in our group and how our home provinces seemed to affect our personalities, inspired this show. Since first starting to write it our country has swung from the left side of the political spectrum, to the right, and back to the left, yet I believe this show has something to say about the importance of young people taking part of the political discussion, as they will lead us in the years to come.

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