Project Description


It’s been ten years since the end of A Christmas Carol, and Scrooge is enjoying travelling the world doing philanthropic work having left Bob Cratchit in charge of the Firm. But since he’s been gone, Bob has become obsessed with riches and improving his position in society. Scrooge must return to London and with his old partner Marley, take on the role of the Christmas spirits in an effort to save Bob’s soul and his own.

Full length comedy (5M, 2F) in development.


Seeing a Christmas Carol is a family tradition in my family (and occasionally I’m in a production), and though I enjoy the play, I’m always left wondering what would happen afterwards; How long could Scrooge continue to (literally) throw money out the window before he runs into debt? Would he truly stick around to be a second father to Tiny Tim? And is Marley really doomed to wander the earth in chains, forever? This play is a passion project of mine and has been tons of fun to write.

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