Project Description


In this musical we follow a man and a woman from their earliest years in the late 1930’s. He’s from a mining family in Kirkland Lake Ontario, she’s from a family of musicians in Toronto. As the show progresses, we watch them remember the war years, first loves, first jobs, until finally their lives start to intertwine, leading to marriage, children, and many more memories. Remember that Song? is about the the songs that tie us to specific moments in our lives, and the importance of remembering them, even the difficult ones.

One act musical with original music and existing songs (1M, 1F)

2016 – Ontario tour Feb 22 – April 23

Directed and Choreographed by Jen Shuber, Music Directed by Rosalind Mills, Designed by Holly Meyer-Dymny, Stage Managed by Laura Grandfield.

Smile Theatre

Smile Theatre is an amazing company. If you have a moment please visit their website and consider making a donation. Their mandate is to bring Theatre to Seniors who are unable to leave their residences, and they do incredible work. Also, if you’re a performer, I highly recommend working with them, it will be the most rewarding job you’ll ever have. Click on the image below for more information.

Smile Theatre

The process of writing this show was such a joy. Thanks to a grant from the OAC, facilitator Toni MacRae and I met with a group of older adults in a retirement residence in Toronto and asked them specific questions: What’s the earliest song you can remember? What songs do you associate with your children? Your spouse? Afterwards, these stories were compiled, and a show began to emerge using their favourite songs bookended with an original song I wrote. The result has been enthusiastically received by Seniors across the province.

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Best review ever! From one of our senior audience members.