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Project Description


It’s 1910 and the town of Ship Cove, NL needs a new name. When it’s decided that the name will be derived from the first child born to either the Randell or Rex families, a baby race ensues as each extended family vies to have the town named either “Port Randell” or “Port Rexton”. But, when a Randell has the first child and it’s a girl, the Rexes push for the rules to be changed so that the town must be named after a boy baby. Based on true events, this is a family musical comedy about getting in the “family way”!

Full length family musical (10F, 7M) in development.

2014 – Rising Tide Theatre Festival, July 29 – August 31


DEMO RECORDING CREDITS: Charlotte Moore (1,3), Krystin Pellerin (1,3) , Jeff Irving (2), Jacquelyn French (2,3), and Lauren Toffan, Kate Etienne, Gaby Grice, Josh Wiles, Michael Cox, David DiFrancesco as a chorus on track 1. Music direction and additional arrangements by James Smith. Recorded by Justin Stadnyk at Just.music.

Caption: The cast and crew of the Rising Tide Festival Theatre production, summer of 2014.

While working at Rising Tide Theatre in Newfoundland as an actor one summer, I heard the legend this musical is based on- how the neighbouring town of Port Rexton was named when one family won out over the other by changing the rules so the town must be named after a boy. With the help of a Canada Council Grant, this show was a part of the Rising Tide Festival season in 2014 (with actors who were descendants of families mentioned in the play!), and is currently being developed further. 

I have high hopes for the future of this show. It’s theme of the the value of women and girl babies to society is universal, along with it’s unique take on the importance of young people staying home in their rural communities if they want to see the change they envision happen there.

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This show was developed with the assistance of the Canada Council for the Arts.