Project Description


An adaptation of Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya, with lyrics/libretto by Richard Ouzounian, music by Grant Tilly.

Set in the Pacific Northwest in 1999, this adaptation of the famous Checkov play sees many of the same themes explored through the lens of the late twentieth century. A folk/bluegrass tinged modern musical score drive these songs of longing and injustice.

Full length musical, (4M, 3F) in development.

One week workshop with students through Sheridan College in the Spring of 2014, through the Canadian Musical Theatre Project


DEMO RECORDING CREDITS: Sara Farb as Sarah (1) and Shawn Wright as the Senator (2), piano and Lovely Lavender arrangement by James Smith


This new musical has been a wonderful opportunity to work solely as a composer for the first time. Working with Richard, we’ve found a great modern musical feel with touches of Bluegrass and Americana, and we’re both excited about where this show might go. Have a listen to the songs and watch Chiina Kennedy sing “House on the Potomac” for Blame Canada! an event put on by the Canadian Musical Theatre Writer’s Collective at Hugh’s Room in Toronto.

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Chilina Kennedy singing House on the Potomac, piano by Bob Foster, arrangement by Joseph Trefler. From the CMTWC concert at Hugh’s Room in Toronto.