A full length cabaret where Grant charts his path from Singer/Songwriter, to Jersey Boys, to being a Musical Theatre Writer.


Just Your Average Canadian Musical Theatre Writer


In this cabaret I tell my own story; from starting out registered in pre-veterinary medicine at the University of Calgary, to moving to Toronto and the highs of being cast in Jersey Boys and getting the first productions of my own work, to the lows as I began to question whether I wanted to continue in the arts. Along the way, the show looks at lessons learned, the day jobs, the family gained and the family lost, and some incredible stories of what it’s like to be an artist in our country.

Full Length Cabaret Musical (1 piano player, 1 or 2 women, and Grant)

One of the songs from the Cabaret, “Until I’m With You” performed at the 120 Diner, with Scott Christian on Piano.


This new cabaret format was an experiment for me, using songs I’ve written to tell my own story. For our premiere performance I was joined by the incredible Laura Caswell, Lisa Horner, and Scott Christian on piano. The Cabaret was performed March 31 2019, as part of an ongoing Cabaret series at the 120 Diner, and was produced by Jennifer Walls.

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A one act cabaret exploring the music, history, and people of NL, as Grant uncovers his own roots on the Island.


Newfoundland Routes & Roots


This cabaret explores the music, history, and people of Newfoundland as I trace my family connection to the Island through the Grandmother I barely knew. Along the way, I meet A LOT of new cousins and look at the question of what it means to be a “True Newfoundlander”. A musical cabaret with live fiddle and guitar accompaniment.

One Act Cabaret Musical (1 Female violin player, And Grant on guitar)

Margaret McDougall Tilly

My grandmother, Margaret McDougall Tilly, who the show is dedicated to.


The “Tilly house” in the town of Elliston NL, where my Grandfather’s family were from.

Trinity, Newfoundland

The town of Trinity NL, where my Great Grandmother Mary Grant was born. The town figures prominently in the show.


I wrote this show initially for Smile Theatre, a company that specializes in touring shows to long term Seniors Residences. We did a premiere performance on February 29 2020, and then sadly were unable to continue a planned Spring tour for the safety of our audiences due to COVID-19. Once this pandemic is over I look forward to bringing this show (and a lot of joy) to Seniors who have been isolated for so long!

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