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Lucky charms, big dreams, and a troll named Thor. It’s Friday night at the Bingo Hall and the gloves are off! Carol needs to pay off her debts. Sandi’s hot for Lou, the rock n’ roll Bingo caller. And then there’s octogenarian Irene, oxygen tank in tow, who always wins. When Carol steals Irene’s lucky spot it sets off a course of events none of them could have predicted…

A new musical about friendship, gambling, and just how far we’ll go for the big win.

Small scale musical comedy, (3F, 1M)

2014 – Lunchbox Theatre, Calgary (Premiere of one act version) ~ April 28 – May 17.
2014 – Port Stanley Festival Theatre (Premiere of Full length version) ~ July 10 – 26.
2015 – Hudson Village Theatre, Quebec ~ August 12 – 30.
2016 – Indie Women Productions, Ottawa ~ August 21 – 29.


DEMO RECORDING CREDITS: Laura Caswell as Sandi (1, 4, 5) Lisa Horner as Carol (4, 5) Mary Pitt as Irene (2), and Mark Allan as the Bingo Caller (1, 2, 3). Demos are from the Port Stanley Festival Theatre Production, musical direction and piano by Mike Walmsley, directed by Liz Gilroy. Designed by Eric Burnell. All photos by Mark Girdauskas.


Growing up, I worked a lot of Bingos for the various arts groups I was a part of, and a lot of the experiences and characters I saw made their way into this musical comedy with a big heart. Thank you to the casts and creative teams at Lunchbox Theatre and Port Stanley Festival Theatre for their help in developing this show!

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Bingo Ladies was workshopped as part of the Suncor Stage One Festival at Lunchbox Theatre. (2012). It received further development at the Port Stanley Festival Theatre’s new play festival (2013), and received development from he Ontario Arts Council Theatre Creators’ Reserve.



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“Bingo Ladies is the most delightful farce I’ve seen in decades. You’ll be singing along to lyrics you don’t even know, and fall in love with the most crotchety old woman to hit the stage in two centuries… If you’re going to do yourself one favour this summer, make it taking in a performance of Bingo Ladies – you’ll laugh till your sides hurt.”
Francine Dennison, Port Stanley News
“One of the funniest, brilliantly staged and performed, and most moving musicals I’ve seen in years. And a winner in every sense of the word… Have to admit I think I’m now addicted to Bingo Ladies The Musical. And would see it again in a heartbeat. It’s that good!”
James Parry, Your Local Journal, Hudson Quebec
“Bingo Ladies a Jackpot for Audiences at Port Stanley Theatre… Bingo Ladies whisks us through the doors of the Bingo Barn and plops us into a sociological microcosm where popping bingo balls are merely a backdrop… If you love comedy, this play has it all.”
Dave Ferguson, Relish Elgin
“There is great fun to be had on a night out at Bingo with the ladies at the Port Stanley Festival Theatre. But jut when you think it’s only a silly musical comedy, you are hit with a thought provoking message about judging others. And there is also a warning about gambling addiction.
Mary Alderson, Entertain this Thought

“Holt belts out Tilly’s songs like the little musical theatre gems they are meant to be — letting us savour every clever lyric and nuance.”

Louis Hobson, Calgary Sun

“From the moment Purves-Smith, slithers out on stage, hunched over an oxygen machine, railing at Carol for taking her lucky spot, Bingo Ladies takes flight.”

Stephen Hunt, Calgary Herald