It’s been a great fall. I spent a lot of time catching up on all those things I left behind after a marathon of writing that started the summer before last ( you know… taxes and such). Also got started on some exciting new projects and continued to work on others- including a new song for “The Moon in Autumn”.

As well, I had the chance to write a song for Forte’s new production of “Naughty but Nice” which starts tonight in Calgary and runs until Dec 21st. I’m so honoured to have a song included in the show, and huge congratulations to Joe Slabe and his team at Forte Musical Theatre Guild for putting it all together! The show also features Katherine Fadum, who played Sandi in the Lunchbox Theatre production of “Bingo Ladies”. The song I wrote is called “To the People that We Lost Last Year”, a tribute to the loved ones we’ve lost and how their memory often comes up during the holiday season.

If you’re in Calgary, you can get tickets on the Lunchbox Theatre website here.

And in the new year, there will be some exciting news. Stay tuned. Happy Holidays!