Had a great time last week making demos of seven new songs of the new musical “The Moon in Autumn” that I’m writing with Richard Ouzounian (Richard is writing the book and lyrics, I’m composing the music). We were lucky to get the cream of the crop of Canadian musical theatre talent, and with the help of our musical director James Smith and recording engineer James Smith we turned out seven new  songs that I’m very proud of- and now we send them out and get them heard!

Since I’m on a bit of a roll with the demos, I thought I’d keep it going and demo my Newfoundland musical “The Naming of Port Rexton”. As casting is coming together I’m amazed at the caliber of talent in this country that I’m able to connive into singing my tunes. We’ll be going into the studio in a week or two- should be fun!

And keep an eye out for new updates on this website- I’ve realized that since we launched a few years ago, I’ve written 3 new musicals- need to give them a home!