The Cast of the Naming of Port Rexton

Look at all those beautiful people!!

There is an unwritten rule in musical theatre (actually, it’s probably been written down a few times as well), “Thou shalt not write a large cast show. At least not if you want the show to be produced.” What a joy it has been then to write a large cast full scale musical for Rising Tide Theatre in Newfoundland. Yes, it makes sense to write small cast shows, but what a thrill to have a cast of 18 people singing together!

The Naming of Port Rexton is loosely based on a true story I once heard while working at Rising Tide Theatre a few summers ago. In 1910 the town of Ship Cove needed a new name (there were already three other Ship Coves in Newfoundland, leading to much confusion with the Newfoundland Post and Telegraph service). With two large families in town, both descended from the original settlers John Rex and John Randell, it’s decided that whichever family has a child first will have the town named after it, be it “Port Rexton” or “Port Randell”. When a baby girl is born first to the Randell family, the Rex family has the rules changed so that the town must be named after a boy.

Having members of the community playing these roles (including my good friend Michelle Rex Bailey playing the role of Evelyn Randell and Carolyn Fowlow in the role of Nan) has been an incredible experience, and I don’t think I’ve ever worked with a cast and crew so behind the show. Thanks to everyone involved, Donna Butt for taking a chance on a large scale musical, Keith Pike our director for bringing it all together, Alex Abbott our musical director and Cindy Kendall and her team. If you’re at all in the area this summer, I hope you’re able to make the show! Tickets are available here.