Bingo Cast

Laura Caswell, Lisa Horner, Mary Pitt and Mark Allen.
Photo by Mark Girdauskas.

The world premiere of Bingo Ladies opened in Port Stanley this July 1oth, and I’ve had the opportunity to see the show three times since then. Part of that is doing my playwright/composer work (should that line be cut? Hmm…) but mostly, I just enjoy sitting in the audience and hearing what they react to while watching this talented cast perform! What a great time this cast is having, and I’m so honoured to have so many talented people working on this production.  Thanks Port Stanley Festival Theatre and AD Simon Joynes for mounting this production.

We’ve had a few reviews of the production which I will be posting some links to, but here’s a sample:

Bingo Ladies a Jack-pot for Audiences at Port Stanley Theatre

If you have a chance, get down to Bingo Ladies in Port Stanley before it closes on July 26th! You can get tickets at the website here– hope to see you there!