It’s a summer of new musical theatre.

First, in late spring (well, that’s almost summer) we had the workshop through Sheridan College of the new musical “The Moon in Autumn”. I’m composing the music for this new musical based on Uncle Vanya by Chekhov, with Richard Ouzounian writing the lyrics and book. We’re both so pleased with how the show is coming along and thankful for the time of the students (some of whom were returning students and had spent time on Broadway) to develop this show. If you’re curious, you can hear Chilina Kennedy (with Bob Foster on the Piano) singing the song “House on the Potomac” from the show at Hugh’s Room through an event called “Blame Canada!” put on by the CMTWC who are showcasing the works of Canadian Musical Theatre Writers. Watch the video here

I’ll be posting soon about the productions of Bingo Ladies at the Port Stanley Festival Theatre and The Naming of Port Rexton at Rising Tide later this summer. Check back for more details!