bingo pick

I’ve had a great time in Calgary. I was around for the opening of “Touch Me”, got to attend rehearsals for my one act musical “Bingo Ladies” (one night, Bingo Ladies was opening and Touch me was closing- a first to have two productions running at the same time!), and of course the chance to see family and friends.

I am so very proud of the Bingo Ladies cast and production, watching them and what they’ve brought to the piece was amazing, especially sitting among the audience and hearing their reaction. Thank you Lunchbox Theatre for a great experience!

We’ve only had one review so far, which was quite a rave- 4 stars! …for this “Greg Tilly” guy (see picture)- who the heck is he!? Seriously though, I’ve had the chance to meet Louis B Hobson (the reviewer) and sometimes these things happen. Luckily, it was caught before it made the online edition, which you can read the review at the Calgary Sun

And now, looking forward to some great artistic adventures for the spring and summer. Stay tuned!