2014 seems like it will be a banner year. There will be two productions of the musical I’ve written, Bingo Ladies, one running April 28th – May 17th at Lunchbox Theatre in Calgary, the other July 9th to 26th at the Port Stanley Festival Theatre in Ontario. What’s Bingo Ladies about? Here’s the write up from Port Stanley’s production:

Lucky charms, big dreams, and a troll named Thor.  Its Friday night at the bingo hall and the gloves are off!  Irene never loses but Carol and Sandi are in a bit of a dry spell … 416 days without a win.  Something’s got to give!  Join us for the premiere production of a musical that just can’t lose.  Tight harmonies, melodies that soar, a foot-tapping medley that’ll keep your dauber flying.  Come see the bingo ladies, they’ll steal your heart. 

There are also a lot of other fun projects on the horizon, including continuing to work on “The Naming of Port Rexton” for Rising Tide Theatre in Newfoundland. Here’s to a great 2014 for everyone out there!