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CREDITS: Reyna Giroux as Yvette, accompanied by Dan Perrott on Piano.


Hubert and Yvette are a happy young couple who have their future all mapped out; Hubert has a great job, they have a new house, and they’re all set to start a family. Yet when Hubert is tragically rendered infertile in a bizarre bicycle accident, their hopes of starting that family are crushed (literally). Not willing to give up on continuing their genetic legacy they turn to an eccentric Scottish scientist and the possibility of cloning to help make their dreams a reality. After raising their growth-accelerated genetic copy of Hubert in the attic, Yvette mates with him, but no one could have predicted that one day their daughter would make her way up to the attic and meet the strange bearded man who bears a striking resemblance to her father… and that’s where things get really weird.

One act dark musical comedy, (4F, 3M)

2001 – GroundZero’s Aftershocks Festival
2005 – Edmonton Fringe
2005 – Calgary Bird and Stone Theatre tour


What a strange, dark little musical this was! I was lucky to have a group of fellow recent graduates from theatre school who were ready and willing to take some chances. And though it’s an early work, I simply love Reyna Giroux’s take on the above song, “I am Human Too”. Interestingly enough, in the first production at GroundZero’s Aftershocks Festival, our lead actor had to leave with days before the first performance, so I stepped in under the pseudonym “Thomas Wilmut” (Wilmut being the surname of Ian Wilmut who led the team that cloned Dolly the Sheep), and got a review! Check it out…

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”The indisputable high point is Grant Tilly’s musical comedy Why You Should Think Twice About Cloning Yourself. Beginning with a gleefully cynical, Young Canadian-style tribute to the “sanitized, homogenized, Calgary Alberta dream,” it tells the tale of Hubert and Yvette, a pair of newly-weds for whom life isn’t complete without a baby… The team has created a gem that shouldn’t be missed- but you only have until June 2nd.”

Lori Montgomery, CALGARY’S FAST FORWARD WEEKLY (MAY 31, 2001)

“This energetic and politically incorrect musical is not what it seems- and that’s part of the fun… The performances are all terrific, especially Jenny Anderson as the seemingly innocent wife, Tilly playing two roles, Guilly Urra as the unscrupulous family doctor and Lyndsey Patterson as the evil cloning scientist.”

Mike Ross, EDMONTON SUN (FEB 12, 2005)