Tilly is a member of Theatre 20’s Composium and writes both plays and musical theatre. His work has been performed at Ground Zero Calgary’s “AfterShocks!,” Talk is Free Theatre, both the Toronto and Edmonton Fringe Festivals (winner of Toronto’s Best of Fringe 2008) and Alberta Theatre Projects’ Brief New Works.Tilly’s works tackle issues from the search for a Canadian identity to the political divide between left and right in the United States. His work ranges in style from modern musical theatre to country to vaudeville.Tilly’s current projects include collaborating on a musical based on Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya as well as a new one-act musical in development with Theatre 20. Below are some examples of current projects and past work. Contact Tilly about this writing.

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My Side of the Country

The Christian Republican Fundraiser

Why You Should Think Twice about Cloning Yourself


Love Notwithstanding

My Side of the Country
One act family musical celebrating Canadian history and culture.
Christian Republican FundraiserFull length country/rock musical. Why you should think twice about cloning yourself
One act dark musical comedy.
Spleedid - The Musical
One act musical comedy -
A man, a woman, a spleen, their passion!

A full length two-hander play about love on a deadline.