Remember that Song?

Just this weekend, Smile Theatre finished performing the two month tour of the new musical I’d written specifically for them, “Remember that Song?”. The creation of the show was something new for me. Along with my friend Toni MacRae, we decided to go to a local Senior’s home and interview Residents about memories in their lives that they could tie to certain songs (“Is there a song you associate with meeting your partner? The birth of your first child? What was your wedding song?”) Afterwards, all these songs and stories were woven together into a show, bookended with an original song that introduced the concept of the show, “Remember that Song?”.


The result was something that really resonated with older adults across the province: hearing their stories reflected back to them. I’m so thankful to Smile for the wonderful job they have done, particularly the great team of actors and stage manager that were out on the road bringing this show to Seniors across the province of Ontario. Smile is definitely a company worth supporting, so if you have a moment, consider going to their website and making a donation. To the right is probably the best review I’ve ever gotten as a writer, thanks Smile!




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