QUEBEC COWBOY- Lunchbox Theatre Workshop

Stage OneReally looking forward to heading to Calgary next week for a workshop of my new musical QUEBEC COWBOY, the Ballad of Will James with Lunchbox Theatre through the Suncor Energy Stage One Festival.

James has a fascinating story- born in Quebec in 1892 as Ernest Dufault, he had a natural ability to draw and was obsessed with being a Cowboy. When he was 15 he went West to Saskatchewan and found that his being french got in the way of him being accepted as a Cowboy. After a barroom brawl in Alberta (where he may or may not have killed someone) James escaped to the States, changed his name and made up a story of being raised by a french trapper named Bopy in the wilderness to explain his french accent. Things would have gone fine if James hadn’t become a world famous artist and novelist, telling his fictional childhood story as fact and developing his own myth as a Lone Cowboy of the West.

There will be a public reading of the show at Lunchbox Theatre on June 12th at 6:10- free tickets are available here. And thanks to the Ontario Arts Council for the support in developing this show through Grants recommended by Smile Theatre the Port Stanley Festival Theatre. See you soon Calgary!

Also- It’s time for a major website revamp as I have a bunch of projects that have yet to be listed here. If you’d like to know more about my show Bingo Ladies, or The Naming of Port Rexton or any of my other works, please contact me at More info on those shows and more coming soon!

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