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“THE NAMING OF PORT REXTON” Rehearsals in Trinity

July 5th, 2014|

Iceberg and I

Had the opportunity to spend a week at rehearsals of the new musical I’ve written, “The Naming of Port Rexton” with Rising Tide Theatre in Trinity Newfoundland.

The show is about the naming of what was once the town of Ship Cove (and the neighbouring Robin Hood), which in 1910 needed a new name. With two major families in town, the Rexes and Randells (both descended from original settlers John Rex and John Randell) it’s decided that whichever family has the first child will have the town named after that family (at least in my version of historical events). Things take a twist though when the first baby is a girl and the other family changes the rules so it must be a boy baby.

It’s so great to be able to write a show about a specific place and then have actors from that place in it. Especially thankful my good friend Michelle Rex Bailey is in the show (of the Rex clan)! It was a great week of reconnecting with old friends and getting to hear this cast bring the music of the show to life (while seeing Icebergs). If you’re around Trinity July 29th, come down for the opening! Check the Rising Tide website for more details.

The Moon in Autumn and new musicals

June 18th, 2014|

It’s a summer of new musical theatre.

First, in late spring (well, that’s almost summer) we had the workshop through Sheridan College of the new musical “The Moon in Autumn”. I’m composing the music for this new musical based on Uncle Vanya by Chekhov, with Richard Ouzounian writing the lyrics and book. We’re both so pleased with how the show is coming along and thankful for the time of the students (some of whom were returning students and had spent time on Broadway) to develop this show. If you’re curious, you can hear Chilina Kennedy (with Bob Foster on the Piano) singing the song “House on the Potomac” from the show at Hugh’s Room through an event called “Blame Canada!” put on by the CMTWC who are showcasing the works of Canadian Musical Theatre Writers. Watch the video here

I’ll be posting soon about the productions of Bingo Ladies at the Port Stanley Festival Theatre and The Naming of Port Rexton at Rising Tide later this summer. Check back for more details!


Bingo Ladies opening and review!

May 3rd, 2014|

bingo pick

I’ve had a great time in Calgary. I was around for the opening of “Touch Me”, got to attend rehearsals for my one act musical “Bingo Ladies” (one night, Bingo Ladies was opening and Touch me was closing- a first to have two productions running at the same time!), and of course the chance to see family and friends.

I am so very proud of the Bingo Ladies cast and production, watching them and what they’ve brought to the piece was amazing, especially sitting among the audience and hearing their reaction. Thank you Lunchbox Theatre for a great experience!

We’ve only had one review so far, which was quite a rave- 4 stars! …for this “Greg Tilly” guy (see picture)- who the heck is he!? Seriously though, I’ve had the chance to meet Louis B Hobson (the reviewer) and sometimes these things happen. Luckily, it was caught before it made the online edition, which you can read the review at the Calgary Sun

And now, looking forward to some great artistic adventures for the spring and summer. Stay tuned!



TOUCH ME- songs for a (dis)connected age

April 4th, 2014|

Touch meThere’s a great show coming up in Calgary that I’m very excited to have a song included in. TOUCH ME will include songs by Joe Slabe as well as other musical theatre writers from across Canada (like myself) about how technology affects or relationships (for better or worse!). The song I’ve written, “Just an Old Ford”, is one that I’m proudest of yet- a young woman is helping her father set up an internet dating profile. The show runs April 15 – 26th at the Pumphouse Theatre in Calgary, and has a great cast (including Christian Goutsis, who I have always been a huge fan of). Check the “shows” link to the right for more details. I’ll be there opening night as it happens to coincide with the first night of Bingo Ladies at Lunchbox Theatre. Hope to see you at one of the performances!

BLAME CANADA! Canadian Musical Theatre Writers Collective Launch

March 20th, 2014|

A few years ago this website started up and I was an actor who was putting out a Singer/Songwriter album. Now, it seems that I’ve transitioned again, this time into the world of Musical Theatre writing.

I am so happy to have a work included in the launch of the Canadian Musical Theatre Writers Collective, BLAME CANADA! The song I’ve composed music for will be sung by the incredibly talented Chilina Kenedy, alongside the works of writers who I have admired and taken classes with over the years, including Jim Betts and Leslie Arden. It’s the first time the world will hear a song from the musical that Richard Ouzounian (who has written brilliant lyrics for the piece) and I are writing called “The Moon in Autumn” based on Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya. The event is March 24th at Hugh’s Room in Toronto, please check the gigs section (to the right and further down the page)for more information.

Also, check back soon for more great news about writing endeavours, including a song I’ve written that will be included in “Touch me: Songs for a (dis)Connected age” running in Calgary starting April 15th, Bingo Ladies opening at Lunchbox Theatre in Calgary April 28th (the one act version), Bingo Ladies opening at the Port Stanley Festival Theatre this July (full length version) and my new full length musical “The Naming of Port Rexton” opening at the Rising Tide Theatre Festival in Trinity Newfoundland this summer.

Shows in 2014

January 7th, 2014|

2014 seems like it will be a banner year. There will be two productions of the musical I’ve written, Bingo Ladies, one running April 28th – May 17th at Lunchbox Theatre in Calgary, the other July 9th to 26th at the Port Stanley Festival Theatre in Ontario. What’s Bingo Ladies about? Here’s the write up from Port Stanley’s production:

Lucky charms, big dreams, and a troll named Thor.  Its Friday night at the bingo hall and the gloves are off!  Irene never loses but Carol and Sandi are in a bit of a dry spell … 416 days without a win.  Something’s got to give!  Join us for the premiere production of a musical that just can’t lose.  Tight harmonies, melodies that soar, a foot-tapping medley that’ll keep your dauber flying.  Come see the bingo ladies, they’ll steal your heart. 

There are also a lot of other fun projects on the horizon, including continuing to work on “The Naming of Port Rexton” for Rising Tide Theatre in Newfoundland. Here’s to a great 2014 for everyone out there!

Bingo Ladies in Port Stanley- the Workshop

September 24th, 2013|


Looking forward to the first reading of the full length version of my musical, BINGO LADIES at the Port Stanley Festival Theatre this Saturday. We’ll be rehearsing with our 4 talented actors for three days and then having the reading at 8:00 on Saturday night, September 28th. Come on down to Port Stanley and hear some of these songs for the first time!

Go to for more information and to get your ticket.

The Naming of Port Rexton

August 13th, 2013|

Summer is far more than half over now and it is going by so quickly, but I’m happy to report that my new musical, “The Naming of Port Rexton” is coming along well. What an amazing experience it has been to write a show based on the history and people of this place (loosely based, to be clear) while actually being in the area. Thanks to Rising Tide Theatre, and all the great people who I’ve interviewed and chatted with for being a part of it. Really looking forward to having this new piece heard.



Trinity NL

July 7th, 2013|

So glad to be back again in Trinity NL for the summer. I spent the summer here two years ago performing, and now I’m back, this time writing a new musical, “The Naming of Port Rexton” about the town just across the bay. The scenery and people are beautiful so drop by if you have a chance. I’ll also be playing a weekly gig of Singer/Songwriter tunes at the Doc Marina, right near the Theatre. Hope to see ya there!

Bingo Ladies at Lunchbox Theatre

April 20th, 2013|

So glad to announce that the one act musical I’ve written “Bingo Ladies”, will receive it’s World Premiere at Lunchbox Theatre in April of 2014. I grew up in Calgary always wanting to work with Lunchbox, so when Artistic Director Pamela Halstead contacted me last May asking if I could write a musical based on one of the ideas I’d submitted for their Stage One Development series I jumped at the chance. We had the workshop that June and I had an amazing time with the three actresses involved. And now… it’s hitting the boards! I love the description of the piece on their website:

Bingo is serious business. Rituals, good luck charms, superstitions. Friday night at the bingo hall is sacred. But are our three intrepid bingo ladies addicts, or just enthusiastic? How far are they willing to go to win? Bingo Ladies explores their lives with rousing musical numbers and shows us the humanity of the bingo hall.

I’m also working on a full length version of the musical, so stay tuned.