Smile Theatre tour

After a wonderful summer performing in an original Canadian musical in Port Dover as well as a few weeks visiting friends and family in Newfoundland, I'm happy to have landed back in Toronto in time to start rehearsals for "Romeo and Juliet (and Joni)" the newest piece by Artistic Director Jim Betts for Smile Theatre. [...]

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Rum Runners in Port Dover

We're deep into rehearsals now for the new musical "Rum Runners" written by Derek Ritschel and Steve Thomas.  This five person show is set in 1929 Port Dover and is based on the lake Erie boot legging trade, and we're having a great time with it.  Rehearsing a show that takes place in the town [...]

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New Musical Workshop

Heading to Calgary soon for the workshop of a new one act musical I'm writing called "Bingo Ladies!".  So glad to be heading home to see family and friends and to work with some amazing people on this new idea.  Have you ever gone to Bingo?  I spent many years growing up volunteering for groups [...]

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3 Guys from the Prairies return!

Wednesday May 30th, at 9pm at the Cameron house, looking forward to sharing the stage with my fellow Prairie ex-pats once again! David Hein is a fellow Singer/Songwriter and Musical theatre writer (writer of the huge hit "My Mother's Lesbian Jewish Wiccan Wedding" and Jeffrey Straker has become an international touring sensation since we started [...]

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Review of the New Play

Week one of Love Notwithstanding is done, and you only have one more week to catch this show.  We've had a review from Mooney on Theatre, you can read the full review on their website, but a few excerpts: "The dialogue is heartfelt and honest. Tilly’s characters are well-crafted and the writing is intelligent and [...]

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“Love Notwithstanding” Opens!

And away we go!  The play I've written (which I also happen to be in) has it's first preview May 9th, with our official opening May 20th at the Red Sandcastle theatre on Queen East. We've worked hard on this new play, and it's been so incredibly interesting playing a role that you've written (and [...]

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Love Notwithstanding- Rehearsals start!

Our pre-production work is almost done, I just finished a re-write, and in just a few days we'll be going into rehearsals for my new play, "Love Notwithstanding", which will open May 9th at the Red Sandcastle Theatre.  To say I'm looking forward to this play hitting the boards would be a bit of [...]

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CD Release Monday

Just a few more days now until the CD release this monday at Revival. Had a rehearsal with the band and they're sounding great, especially on a few of the new tunes we're trying out. Ben Kunder will be opening and I'm also pleased to announce that Alison Jutzi will be joining us as well. [...]

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Love Notwithstanding- a new play

  I'm happy to announce a new play I've written, Love Notwithstanding is going to receive a production in Toronto this coming May at the Red Sandcastle theatre in Leslieville.  We've assembled a wonderful group of talented people to give bring this show to life.  See the page for the play here.

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Toronto CD release coming up!

Back in Toronto from a great trip to my hometown of Calgary for a CD release now.  Thanks to everyone who came out and for being such an incredible audience.  Now, we're less than two weeks away from the Toronto CD release at Revival on April 16th, with band rehearsals underway.  Also, looking forward to [...]

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