Bingo Ladies opening and review!

I've had a great time in Calgary. I was around for the opening of "Touch Me", got to attend rehearsals for my one act musical "Bingo Ladies" (one night, Bingo Ladies was opening and Touch me was closing- a first to have two productions running at the same time!), and of course the chance to [...]

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TOUCH ME- songs for a (dis)connected age

There's a great show coming up in Calgary that I'm very excited to have a song included in. TOUCH ME will include songs by Joe Slabe as well as other musical theatre writers from across Canada (like myself) about how technology affects or relationships (for better or worse!). The song I've written, "Just an Old [...]

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Shows in 2014

2014 seems like it will be a banner year. There will be two productions of the musical I've written, Bingo Ladies, one running April 28th - May 17th at Lunchbox Theatre in Calgary, the other July 9th to 26th at the Port Stanley Festival Theatre in Ontario. What's Bingo Ladies about? Here's the write up [...]

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Bingo Ladies in Port Stanley- the Workshop

  Looking forward to the first reading of the full length version of my musical, BINGO LADIES at the Port Stanley Festival Theatre this Saturday. We'll be rehearsing with our 4 talented actors for three days and then having the reading at 8:00 on Saturday night, September 28th. Come on down to Port Stanley and [...]

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The Naming of Port Rexton

Summer is far more than half over now and it is going by so quickly, but I'm happy to report that my new musical, "The Naming of Port Rexton" is coming along well. What an amazing experience it has been to write a show based on the history and people of this place (loosely based, to [...]

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Trinity NL

So glad to be back again in Trinity NL for the summer. I spent the summer here two years ago performing, and now I'm back, this time writing a new musical, "The Naming of Port Rexton" about the town just across the bay. The scenery and people are beautiful so drop by if you have [...]

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Bingo Ladies at Lunchbox Theatre

So glad to announce that the one act musical I've written "Bingo Ladies", will receive it's World Premiere at Lunchbox Theatre in April of 2014. I grew up in Calgary always wanting to work with Lunchbox, so when Artistic Director Pamela Halstead contacted me last May asking if I could write a musical based on [...]

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Grant gets a Grant

2013 is shaping up to be an exciting year, as I've been awarded a Canada Council Grant to write a new musical based on a true story that took place in the town of Port Rexton, NL. I spent the summer before last performing in Trinity with Rising Tide Theatre just across the bay from [...]

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3 guys from the Prairies in Richmond Hill!

So looking forward to a night of songs and stories with fellow ex prairie singer/songwriters David Hein and Jeff Straker on November 22nd (for details click on "upcoming shows" on the right. David, Jeff, and I began doing these nights years ago in Kensington Market and the show began taking on a life of it's [...]

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