Remember that Song?

Just this weekend, Smile Theatre finished performing the two month tour of the new musical I'd written specifically for them, "Remember that Song?". The creation of the show was something new for me. Along with my friend Toni MacRae, we decided to go to a local Senior's home and interview Residents about memories in their [...]

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Naughty but Nice… Forte Theatre in Calgary

Had a chance to catch the updated version of Forte Theatre's Naughty But Nice at Lunchbox Theatre while home for the holidays. This new show has a bunch of new tunes to add to last years, including a new one that I've penned "Thank you Christians" where a Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, and Atheist thank Christians [...]

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Full Length Quebec Cowboy Workshop

So glad to have had the opportunity to workshop the full length version of "Quebec Cowboy, the Ballad of Will James" at the Port Stanley Festival Theatre recently. I had an incredible team, including Music Director Mike Wamsley (who was also our MD on Bingo Ladies), Nathan Carroll, Kelly Holliff, and Duff MacDonald, who all [...]

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QUEBEC COWBOY- Lunchbox Theatre Workshop

Really looking forward to heading to Calgary next week for a workshop of my new musical QUEBEC COWBOY, the Ballad of Will James with Lunchbox Theatre through the Suncor Energy Stage One Festival. James has a fascinating story- born in Quebec in 1892 as Ernest Dufault, he had a natural ability to draw and was obsessed [...]

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Thousand Islands Playhouse Playwrights’ Unit

I am very honoured to be a part of the 2015 Playwrights' Unit at the Thousand Islands Playhouse in Gananoque ON. Myself and three very talented writers (Steven Gallagher, Rose Napoli, and Kaityn Riordan) will be developing our pieces over the next year, with dramaturgy, workshops and a retreat run by the Playhouse. For the [...]

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Bingo Ladies in Quebec!

So happy to announce a third production of Bingo Ladies this coming Summer, at the Hudson Village Theatre in Quebec! It's part of really truly amazing season of Canadian Theatre, including Rebecca Northan's Blind Date, Julia Mackey's Jake's Gift, and a production of The Glass Menagerie starring Martha Burns. This production of Bingo Ladies will [...]

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Demo, demo, demo…

Had a great time last week making demos of seven new songs of the new musical "The Moon in Autumn" that I'm writing with Richard Ouzounian (Richard is writing the book and lyrics, I'm composing the music). We were lucky to get the cream of the crop of Canadian musical theatre talent, and with the [...]

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