Lunchbox Theatre workshop: Calling Out Christmas!

Clockwise from top right: Patti Neice (Lunchbox GM), Lenette Randall (actor), Bronwyn Steinberg (Lunchbox AD/Director), Kennedy Greene (SM), Grant Tilly (playwright), Jeselle Lauren (actor), David Sklar (actor). Christmas in April, what could be better? Like a lot of my artist friends, I've been muddling my way through this pandemic. I've found work online as [...]

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A Summer in Newfoundland– Covid Edition

It was sometime in May and I had been in isolation with my Father in Calgary for about two months when I got the call from Donna Butt, the AD at Rising Tide Theatre in Trinity Newfoundland. Though there would be no public performances for the summer, she was bringing together a small core company [...]

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Neptune Theatre YOCo and Gander Musical Theatre Symposium

Instead of a direct flight back to Toronto from Newfoundland there were a few stops in between. First, to Halifax (where I weather Hurricane Dorian) to work with the Neptune Youth Performance Company. In 2017 they premiered my musical “My Side of the Country” and it was great to see them all two years later [...]

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The Naming of Port Rexton at Rising Tide

In 2015 Rising Tide premiered my full length musical “The Naming of Port Rexton”, this past fall the Artistic Director called and asked if I'd be able to reduce the size of the cast. It was an interesting challenge, finding a way to maintain a story while cutting the cast size from 17 to 10, [...]

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Best New Musical short list through the Playwrights Guild of Canada Tom Hendry Awards!

The Playwrights Guild of Canada annually gives out out the Tom Hendry Awards for new work, including the Stage West Best New musical in development, and I'm proud that one of the musicals I've been developing "A Jew, a Muslim, a Christian, and an Atheist, Stuck in a Room!" was among three works shortlisted for the [...]

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Bingo Ladies coming to Ottawa!

I was so happy to hear the news that the community theatre group Indie Women Productions will be doing a remount of the musical I've written "Bingo Ladies" in the new year at the Gladstone Theatre in Ottawa. Indie Women Productions mounted the show in 2016 in Perth and all profits went to charity, which [...]

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On The Radio- A New Musical for Rising Tide

It was a busy summer for me at Rising Tide Theatre... So busy it seems I forgot to update my website?! Yup. I have never done five shows in Rep before, but between the Newfoundland classic "West Moon" by Al Pittman, to the premiere of "Rebel Time" by Ed Riche (a great two hander that [...]

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