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Demo, demo, demo…

Had a great time last week making demos of seven new songs of the new musical "The Moon in Autumn" that I'm writing with Richard Ouzounian (Richard is writing the book and lyrics, I'm composing the music). We were lucky to get the cream of the crop of Canadian musical theatre talent, and with the [...]

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Writing, writing, writing… and show!

It's been a great fall. I spent a lot of time catching up on all those things I left behind after a marathon of writing that started the summer before last ( you know... taxes and such). Also got started on some exciting new projects and continued to work on others- including a new song [...]

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The Naming of Port Rexton- Trinity NL

The Cast of the Naming of Port Rexton Look at all those beautiful people!! There is an unwritten rule in musical theatre (actually, it's probably been written down a few times as well), "Thou shalt not write a large cast show. At least not if you want the show to be produced." What [...]

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BINGO LADIES in Port Stanley

Laura Caswell, Lisa Horner, Mary Pitt and Mark Allen.Photo by Mark Girdauskas. The world premiere of Bingo Ladies opened in Port Stanley this July 1oth, and I've had the opportunity to see the show three times since then. Part of that is doing my playwright/composer work (should that line be cut? Hmm...) but [...]

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The Moon in Autumn and new musicals

It's a summer of new musical theatre. First, in late spring (well, that's almost summer) we had the workshop through Sheridan College of the new musical "The Moon in Autumn". I'm composing the music for this new musical based on Uncle Vanya by Chekhov, with Richard Ouzounian writing the lyrics and book. We're both so pleased [...]

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Bingo Ladies opening and review!

I've had a great time in Calgary. I was around for the opening of "Touch Me", got to attend rehearsals for my one act musical "Bingo Ladies" (one night, Bingo Ladies was opening and Touch me was closing- a first to have two productions running at the same time!), and of course the chance to [...]

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TOUCH ME- songs for a (dis)connected age

There's a great show coming up in Calgary that I'm very excited to have a song included in. TOUCH ME will include songs by Joe Slabe as well as other musical theatre writers from across Canada (like myself) about how technology affects or relationships (for better or worse!). The song I've written, "Just an Old [...]

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Shows in 2014

2014 seems like it will be a banner year. There will be two productions of the musical I've written, Bingo Ladies, one running April 28th - May 17th at Lunchbox Theatre in Calgary, the other July 9th to 26th at the Port Stanley Festival Theatre in Ontario. What's Bingo Ladies about? Here's the write up [...]

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